Graphic Design

Pursue your passion for

graphic design

Use imagery and type to communicate through design, illustration, typography and digital photography. Graphic Design is everywhere — advertisements, posters, billboards, neon signs, websites, apparel, brand identities, package designs, etc. Students apply elements and principles of design and explore hands-on print production skills and techniques using industry-standard software and applications to create real products in graphic design.

Learn how to:

  • Design, develop, adapt and present professional quality work
  • Analyze and recommend media messaging strategies
  • Use the latest design tools and technologies
  • Work with an interdisciplinary team to solve design challenges
  • Apply ethical and culturally sensitive practices to visual media

Graphic Design Career Outlook

With many employers continuing to grow their digital presence and the increasingly global marketplace for design talent, having graphic design skills is now more important than ever.

Following are a sampling of possible roles for future graphic designers:

  • Creative Director
  • Multimedia Designer
  • Web Designer
  • UX Designer
  • Production Artist
  • Product Developer
  • Logo Designer
  • Marketing Specialist

Graphic Design Courses:

Graphic Design I & II (Sophomore)

Graphic Design III & IV (Junior)

Graphic Design Senior Capstone I & II (Senior)

Graphic Design Instructors:

Graphic Design