Endorsement Hours

What is an e-Communication endorsement?

The e-Communication endorsement is an extra notation on the transcript of a graduating senior showing that the student went above and beyond their regular class work to complete extra learning experiences, in addition to maintaining a solid GPA.

We encourage all our students to become endorsed!


  1. Students receive a specific notation on their transcript
  2. Students are identified in the high school graduation program
  3. Students earn a special red, black, and white honor cord for graduation
  4. Students who do not endorse but complete all coursework within the Academy are recognized as completers.
  5. The following endorsements can be attained by students in all academies and will be marked on their transcript as follows:
      • e-Communication Academy – Endorsed
      • e-Communication Academy Name – Endorsed with Honors
      • e-Communication Academy Name – Endorsed with High Honors


  • The endorsement is a good indication for colleges and employers that the student is dedicated and has a passion for a specific area.
  • An endorsement is an honors designation.
  • An endorsement recognizes a student for their subject-matter concentration.
  • An endorsement is a great self-marketing tool.
  • Students who complete endorsement requirements have a professional portfolio of coursework, extension experiences, student professional
  • Learning experiences & projects that can be shared with potential colleges, post-secondary institutions & employers.


All academies have endorsement requirements.

All Academies require an Individual Plan of Study, Academy Coursework, Extension Hours (eHours), GPA, Work-Based Learning/Market Value Asset, and Senior Capstone Presentation

Some specifics related to Extension Hours:
eHours are specific to each academy. They are extended learning opportunities earned outside the regular school day and not tied to a course grade.

  • Continuously earned over all 4 high school years
  • A minimum of [50] eHours earned each of the 4 years, including senior year
  • eHours are tracked by the student and submitted to their academy facilitator for tracking (https://academyendorsement.olatheschools.com)
  • Approval for what is accepted as an eHour is determined by the academy facilitator(s)
  • A student may begin earning eHours as soon as they are accepted into an academy (2nd semester of 8th grade)

What are the requirements?

Sophomores through seniors (2017-18):
Accumulate 100 hours of work above and beyond assigned class projects — 50 hours during the junior year, and 50 during the senior year.
Maintain at least a 3.0 GPA in the 4-year e-Communication course sequence, and at least a 2.5 overall GPA.
Present your projects at Senior Show. Parents, staff, and others attend to support you and enjoy your accomplishments.

How do I check my hours?

e-Comm parents and students may see what e-hours have been logged for their endorsement. To log in, please use your user ID (eg. 555abc55) and password to log onto a District computer.
Here is the link:

How do I turn in my hours?

Fill out the form to log your hours for endorsement:


Work Based Learning (WBL) experiences:
The purpose of a WBL is to connect skills students are learning in the classroom to authentic, real-world experiences. This helps students connect their school learning with post-secondary and career opportunities. Student WBL experiences take many forms during a student’s 4-year academy experience. This includes various career presentations during school, job shadowing (typically short term), earning industry-standard certifications, practicing skills/knowledge in an authentic learning experience, doing projects for clients, internships, and more. WBL experiences may earn the student a Market Value Asset (MVA) which is part of the district’s Portrait of a Graduate.

Senior Capstone Project and Presentation:
To earn an endorsement, all academies require students to complete a Senior Capstone and give a public presentation. Each student’s capstone is individualized. It may consist of a content-specific project and/or a placement with a community business partner (or another facilitator-directed project). Students will be evaluated in their capstone course. Specific instructions and feedback is provided for the presentation.

Market Value Asset (MVA):
Students typically earn a Market Value Asset (MVA) as part of their capstone project. An MVA can be earned in other ways, as well. Please visit the district’s Portrait of a Graduate information page for more information.

Examples of eHours include:

  • Leading community presentations
  • Academy-related volunteer/community service
  • Attending an Academy-related guest speaker session
  • Participating in academy-related competitions
  • Providing service to the Academy
  • Participating in academy events
  • Submitting scholarship/award applications
  • Participating in post-secondary visit related to the academy
  • Facilitator approved
  • Participating in an academic conference or a summer internship
  • Taking prep classes for post-secondary admittance exams (i.e., ACT Test Prep classes)
  • Taking a post-secondary entrance or certification exam (i.e., ACT, SAT, Compass, etc.)
  • Participating in Employability Skills Workshops
  • Participating in approved Work-Based Learning Experiences outside of school day (Internship, client-based project)
  • Presenting the Senior Capstone Project (outside school day)